Kienpointner overcomes an unusual challenge with an LR1000 wood shredder by UNTHA
Residual wood

The client
About the buyer

Kienpointner, a large carpentry business located in Waidring/Tyrol, specialises in hotel interiors and complete furniture solutions. The family business employs 85 people and makes everything in-house and to order, from hotel rooms to wellness areas, restaurant interiors and receptions. Managing Director Gerhard Kienpointner is the fifth generation to run the business, first founded in 1896.


The problem
Initial situation

The company was on the lookout for a suitable shredding solution for its residual wood. Last year, the purchase of a new wood shredder became urgent, when the unit that Kienpointner had used up to that point had to be replaced after a fire. However, Kienpointner had a highly unusual request: The machine would have to be installed in a pit and therefore needed to be as compact as possible.


The solution
Why opt for an UNTHA shredder?

In the LR1000 wood shredder from UNTHA, the carpentry business finally found the right solution. “Our unique situation only allowed for very specific shredder dimensions. The shredder also needed to be accessible from all sides, as we need to climb down a ladder into the pit to perform maintenance activities. Another important factor was that the feed system had to be flush to the ground, as we not only process waste from machines that we tip into the hopper using a forklift, but also pre-cut solid wood parts from outside our business and residual wood that we push directly into the shredder through an opening at ground level”, Gerhard Kienpointner explains.

We have nothing but praise for our unit, and several other carpentry shops have asked us about it. We were more than happy to recommend UNTHA to them.

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Gerhard Kienpointner

Managing Director

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The reasons
Purchasing decision

In addition to quality and performance, the compact decision of the shredder was one of the most important criteria for the purchasing decision. Kienpointner GmbH had been interested in UNTHA wood shredders for quite some time, having come across UNTHA repeatedly at trade fairs and having attended a tour of the plant in Kuchl a few years back.

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