UNTHA keeps its promises.

On-site test runs

With a test run on their own premises, interested companies have the opportunity of really putting the UNTHA XR and ZR shredders to the test. In a test run conducted over several days, these high-powered machines will show potential buyers what they are capable of.


From commercial and industrial waste to truck tyres and pulper ropes, UNTHA shredders make short shrift of a wide range of materials. Before the test run, the UNTHA team will find out in detail what exactly the individual requirements are and prepare concrete solutions for the tasks ahead. Based on these requirements and specifications, they will then select the machine with the cutting chamber and perforated screen best suited for the challenge. During the test cycle and the demo run, an UNTHA engineer is always at hand. If customers prefer to test the machine without assistance over a longer period of time, there is an option for that, too.

Daniel Wresnik, Team Leader XR/ZR Sales & Demonstrations DACH Region at UNTHA shredding technology: “We put our cards on the table from the very start. During the on-site tests, customers are able to see for themselves what our machines can handle – our technology speaks for itself.“ Everything that customers appreciate during the demo and test run will be theirs to enjoy if they decide to invest in an UNTHA shredder for their business – the same drive system, the same energy rating, and of course the same reliable performance.

How it works

Usually, the test run comprises a whole week, including delivery, set-up and dismantling. No small feat, and one that requires some effort in terms of logistics and cost. The units weigh approximately 38 tonnes, and UNTHA shares the transport cost with the potential customer, who also pays for the operating hours. The test run is well worth the investment: Many customers are so impressed with the performance of the machine and the result of the output that they decide to purchase a unit for their business. During the test run, potential customers can see exactly what UNTHA technology is all about, try the machine with specific challenges and see how the shredder makes work flows more efficient. Most of all, the customer has direct proof that UNTHA shredding technology is able to deal with the tasks at hand and delivers the desired output in the required quantity and quality. UNTHA keeps its promises.

Daniel Wresnik: “We conduct around 30 demo runs all over Europe per year, and the service is very popular with businesses. It works both ways, really - potential buyers benefit from the test runs, and they also give us the opportunity to learn new things on site and to find the best possible solution. In the aftermath of the test run, we frequently have to deal with difficult, one-off scenarios - and we are always happy to show the world what our shredders can do!”

What customers say

“UNTHA gave us an XR3000RC mobil-e to test for a month. The test phase showed us that the throughput, the tool wear and the energy efficiency are top-notch. The XR3000RC is exactly what we have been looking for and fulfils our requirements to a tee.“
Johann Rieger, Managing Director of Rieger Austria Entsorgung und Verwertung GmbH

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